Wurst and German Meats



      Bratwurst - Amber beer sausage - our most popular wurst

      Gelbwurst - a light colored, dense wurst like a lightly seasoned bologna

      Kilometer - 20 inch long spicy Hungarian sausage with a taste similar to pepperoni

      Knackwurst - looks like a short fat hot dog, with a mild flavor

      Landjäger - a cross between jerky and summer sausage - great with bread and cheese

     Nürnburger Bratwurst (2) - small, skinny mild sausage, like a breakfast sausage

      Nuss Schinken - dense smoked ham

      Weisswurst - light colored moist wurst with an herb-like flavor

      Westphalian Ham - uncooked smoked dried ham witha concentrated ham flavor

         Select any of these (as available)                           for your two or three wurst plate.